OK, so we have a blog. But where’s the content?

Creating a blog has been something I’ve been pondering for a while now. But it would’ve most likely been a personal blog where I would update it everyday with my daily experiences; diary style.

I have never been that great of a writer. Sure, I can turn out a bombing technical paper, but I really don’t feel like there’s any “art” in technical writing as opposed to more creative writing purposes… like blogging. My reasons to create a blog was for just that: expand and improve my creative writing techniques.

So what can you early readers expect from this blog? Well from me, I will just be putting out content whenever I can or feel like it. But I will  try to post often. My posts will be remembering past events and experiences related to our mission: to become the most well rounded material engineers on this earth!

But for now, Ill just tell you the circumstances of this blog post.

I love to research in depth every new hobby, passtime, or mind-distractor that unfortunately cycle through my life. This time it is blogging. So I researched the top blogging tips on reddit (I absolutely use this site for research). What I came across was a post that simply said “Write about everything, write about nothing. Because writing makes nothing become something.” or something like that. I must admit, I’m very influenced by carefully picked words that induce a sense of motivation… some people call them ‘quotes’. So this quote stuck to me, whether it was true or not. After absorbing these carefully picked sequence of words, I looked around myself and saw… nothing. OK, now I got nothing, let’s get writing! But for reals, I’m sitting at my desk that has literally been my home this semester, sipping on coffee cup number who-knows and snacking on Walmart brand nutella.


Ignore the Hello Kitty mug. Wait, forget it, I love that mug.

So this is what writing is like when you just… write. I have to be honest, the post I made previous to this one sucked and I think I know why. It is because I put to much thought into it. And my grammar sucks. But that’s a story for another day, another post.

Now, I must get back to my homework: writing up a lab report with technical writing. I’m hoping due I can subtly make it more lively with the leftover ‘creativity’ – if that’s what you want to call it – from this blog post.


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